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Bring Prayer to ALL American Defenders of Freedom



Prayer Tracts and Prayer Reminder Coins are provided without charge to Chaplains for evangelistic Christian Ministry to Troops, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard.  Please note the requirements below outlined in the paragraph titled, CHAPLAIN'S MINISTRY ORDER FORM, the specific requirements to obtain the Prayer Coins and Prayer Tracts without charge. Military Prayer Reminder Coins may also be purchased for special uses other than ministry as described below:

  • CHAPLAIN'S MINISTRY ORDER FORM Our definition of evangelistic ministry is the sharing of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Tracts and Coins are free to Chaplains for evangelistic ministry.  Orders failing to state how the Gospel message of Jesus Christ will be shared will not ship.  Free Coins will not ship to merely be distributed, given as rewards, given as recognition, for table favors, remembrances, souvenirs, expressing thanks, etc. For these uses, click on the link below, CHAPLAIN'S SPECIAL USE ORDER where the Coins may be purchased.  A Prayer Tract is included with each Prayer Coin ordered.

  • CHAPLAIN'S SPECIAL USE ORDER for the purchase of Coins that will be used for awards, special recognition, remembrances, thanks, souvenirs, table favors, etc.  Prayer Tracts will not be supplied unless requested at the time of order.

  • PUBLIC ORDER PRAYER COINS to purchase Prayer Tracts and Prayer Coins.   A Prayer Tract is included with each Prayer Coin ordered. The military prayer coins make a great keepsake for anyone in the armed forces.  Show your support of our American Defenders of Freedom.  Display the coin or carry it around in your pocket as a reminder to pray for your soldier, airman, sailor or other American Defenders of Freedom.



ADOF publishes a monthly one page executive summary newsletter, STANDING IN THE GAP.  The current and previous newsletters can be viewed on the “Newsletter” link.  Contact us if you would like to receive the monthly letter.”




“Brother you wouldn’t believe how effective of a witness tool it is to give a coin and tract to the soldiers … God is working in an awesome way with the coins … thank you, thank you, thank you … In such a short period of time I have witnessed the work of God in 12 soldiers who came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and subsequently followed up in believers baptism … Amen!  As a matter of fact, I baptized four of them last Saturday.”



“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting us ‘over the big pond’.  I just received one of your coins and cards from our Chaplain, as we were getting ready to roll out on a convoy here in Iraq.  Thanks for taking the time to care.  I know we all appreciated the Chaplain’s reminder that people back home do care and that the risks Soldiers take for our freedoms back home do not go unnoticed.  Thanks you again and God Bless.



“I gave some of the coins and tracts to each of my Chaplains, I have four of them.  I made it very clear the intended use of these coins; to lead Service Members to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”   CH Mike relates that in a counseling session with a Soldier regarding his wife back home, “I shared the plan of salvation as it is found in the prayer tract and he made a decision to trust Christ right there.  We prayed and he asked Jesus into his heart.”



American Defenders of Freedom has the policy that it will not sell or exchange any personal information it may have pertaining to individuals or organizations, nor will it link to, or endorse any individual or organization not directly related to the mission of the ministry.

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